Massive congratulations to my good friend Ben, whose lovely wife Beth today delivered their first child: Ettie (Harriet) Anne Jeanette Bladon. Awww. And by awww, I mean awwwesome.

And also congratulations to Wells’s finest, Edgar Wright, whose latest film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is an utterly joyous two hours of fun, laughs, amazing visuals, and superbly inventive action scenes. Definitely the best time I’ve had in the cinema in a while.

It’s probably non-congratulations to me, though. I still haven’t written the ending of Jump!, instead choosing to polish the rest of it yet again. I’m increasingly suspicious that I’m actually afraid of finishing this script, due to the final section being rather complicated. I did try to hammer it a few days ago, and what I wrote was so bad that I ended up deleting it (wine was to blame). Wish I’d kept it now, though, as I’m sure there was a line or two of dialogue or something at least that would have been worth holding onto. Never mind. It’s the Bank Holiday tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll sort it all out then.

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