Cleesh Ey

Clichés! I’ve been trying to get rid of a number of them in my manuscript today. They’re very easily done – you hear something you like the sound of, it somehow finds its way into your writing, and then there’s a sentence which implies that movie trailer voice-over guy has wisecracked all over your novel. Ouch.

So today I’ve nuked a phrase that blatantly came from the poster of the movie Platoon (cringe), and also various other comments on dialogue which just aren’t original and have been seen a hundred times before. I lapse into this rubbish. It’s a safety blanket. It’s so lazy. I really must stop doing it.

In better news, something that was said about the last novel inspired me about how to open the next one. I’m still figuring this out, to be honest, but the first chapter is mega-ambitious – a bit of a story in itself, hopefully. I should start writing it over the remainder of the Bank Holiday weekend, assuming that I don’t do my usual and go all self-doubt about how the hell I’m going to do it. Allegedly it’s going to work pretty well, and it’s certainly the first big test of a novel that’s going to be brilliantly difficult to write. Will I be able to pull it off? I’m going to think optimistically and say maybe. Delusions are fun.

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