Jigsaw Falling Into Place

This week can stay.

It’s been a tough couple of months for a variety of reasons, but today not only did I have a new computer to work on in the client’s office that I visit every Tuesday (it can multitask! Oh, happy day!), but I was asked for the full manuscript of my novel Certainty by a literary agent in the early evening, in what must be some kind of world record time frame. Under a couple of hours in fact, from initial enquiry email, through first submission, to the full request.

Brilliantly, it seems that my love for Radiohead may have been directly responsible for this in some way. My favourite-band-in-the-whole-world-ever are referenced in the opening chapter of the book (and… er… maybe a teensy bit later on, too), and the literary agent in question picked up on it. The way the email to me was worded implied that my undoubted good taste in music (oi! Yes it is!) could have been a factor in his decision. Although hopefully, not the only one. Still, I knew the years of championing Kid A would pay off one day!

This, of course, opens up a whole new area of research when it comes to targeting literary agents. For those who are fans of Gaga, the Planet Telex nightclub in the novel could become Club Alejandro. Lovers of U2 would find that everyone’s favourite nightspot is Zooropa. And for those who confess to liking Westlife, I could change it to… no, actually I’m not submitting to them. Ever. NO.

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  1. Jen

    Excellent news! 🙂

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