It’s days like these that make me want to be a writer. I mean, true, whenever I have a bad day at work I think exactly the same thing, and actually, let’s be honest, I want to be one all the time anyway. So let’s start again – a day like today really makes me want to be a writer. More than that, makes me think that I can be one.

I’m getting to the end of my pilot script (I’ve only stopped because I really need to be thinking straight for the final section), and have written twenty pages today as well as editing earlier stuff. And when it’s all flowing as easily as this, when I know the exact story moments I want to hit and it goes just as I planned – well, these are the times when I think I was made to do this. I looked at the clock one minute, and when I looked again, hours had gone by. Awesome.

So I’m really buzzing right now. I’m ahead of schedule. I can finish this draft of the script in one more session, and will then have time to think about how to sort out any remaining issues before the end of the month. The bit in the middle probably needs to be lightened slightly, as otherwise the tonal shift may be a bit too much (although it’s a nice surprise in its present form), and I’m going to end a few pages long, so will need to think about chopping dialogue. Or cutting scene description down to the bone. Likely, a combination of the two. But structurally the script works, which is the main thing. There’s a definite beginning, middle and end. Setups and payoffs. Reversals. Stuff I like, basically.

Of course, the first ten pages that I submitted last month probably won’t get me through to the second round of the Red Planet Prize, with so many others participating. However, no matter the outcome, I’ll have a full pilot script that will serve as a nice calling card. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t advance, but there will be positives nonetheless, and I’m certainly not sorry that I entered.

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