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It’s an important weekend, this, writing-wise. I’ve got my pilot script to hammer, the opening chapter of my novel to further polish, and my new novel to start. Of course, it’s a bit of a lofty goal to expect to accomplish all three, so I’ve listed them in strict order of priority.

The pilot script is occupying my thoughts most, due to the fact that I read it this morning and it was surprisingly unrubbish even at this stage. In fact, it sped along rather nicely. True, at the moment there are many lines that are a bit rough and whole scenes that need pruning, but structurally it’s in pretty fine fettle. It jumps nicely between comedy, drama and suspense, and now that I’m well into the second half I’m enjoying paying off the earlier moments that were set up, and very much looking forward to writing the rest of it. I’ve basically got two weeks to finish it and polish it to within an inch of its life. Bit of a challenge, but it should be a rewarding one.

The opening chapter of Certainty is just a couple of tweaks away from where I want it to be. I need the first chapter to open with a bang – not in terms of action, but in terms of setting the scene a little bit more interestingly than at present – and one of the characters needs a paragraph that reveals something more about her than is currently there. There’s enigmatic and then there’s inscrutable, and at the moment she’s just over the line towards the latter. Needs sorting, and there’s literally (no pun intended) just a few sentences to be added to accomplish that.

Finally there’s the new novel, and I’m really excited about starting it. I only know the broad strokes of the story, but when I imagine those in my head without the detail (kinda like watching a Blu-Ray on a standard-def telly), they’re great. The trick is to work out those finer points, and the opening chapter is going to be very important in setting the mood. I know the order of events, and I’m taking lessons from my flailing about with the previous novel’s opening, so hopefully it’ll all go swimmingly.

So, I expect I’ll write some kind of progress report on Sunday, and in the meantime, let’s hope that I don’t hit choppy waters.

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