This evening, my lovely wife booked our holiday for November. It promises to be something special – two weeks on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. FREE GOLF!

Truth is, I’m not as well-travelled as I’d like to be. I’m rather jealous of some of my globe-trotting friends, in fact. My overseas excursions have so far been restricted to France, Italy, Holland, The Balaeric Islands and The Canary Islands, with my only proper trips outside Europe being to San Diego and Las Vegas. For me, therefore, the Caribbean is an uncharted frontier, something new to look forward to.

I greatly admire those people who’ve spent significant amounts of time abroad, living among new cultures, learning the languages and generally expanding their understanding of the world. I’ve always been rather insular in that respect. I’ve never really thought about backpacking in Australia or going to Thailand to teach English – instead my only overseas ambitions (apart from wondering where to go on holiday) have been dreams about where a possible writing career could lead me. I remember at least one drunken conversation with my wife about what would happen if I became a successful screenwriter and wanted to move to LA. Ah, the luxuries of ambition fuelled by booze.

I do intend to make up for lost time, though, and hope to some day get around to visiting all the continents. Antarctica for the penguins, obviously. Love the penguins. But this year is the Caribbean. Sun, sea, and hopefully a very relaxing and creatively productive time. Can’t wait.

But wait! What am I going to do about my One A Days? Oh no! Shit. Thought most definitely required.

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