Yes, I was absolutely hammered when writing the (thankfully) very short blog entry last night. It was one of those real tippity-tap affairs: O-N-E C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R A-F-T-E-R A-N-O-T-H-E-R, painfully slowly. Damn you, wine! In fact, it was worse than a mere encounter with a Merlot – I mixed my drinks, which is always a bad idea and something that I rarely do. Started with lager, went on to ale, and finally to wine. No wonder my head was throbbing all day today. Er… I’m drinking a glass of wine now, though. Hair of the dog and all that.

Anyway, having been so hilariously bad at typing last night, I thought that I should write about it. Typing, that is. From an early age I recognised that it might become an important skill in later life. Therefore, for the Commodore 64 I had a ‘teach yourself typing’ program. Can’t remember what it was called, and I quickly succumbed to boredom (nothing to shoot? No SID tunes? Nooooo!), but at least the thought was there.

What is weird is that despite being a pretty fast typist now, I’m still not quite there in terms of touch-typing. I’m better than ever before in that regard, but I still make loads of mistakes and have to hammer on the delete key all the time, as well as only being able to cover the main area of the keyboard. Also, I pretty much type using just three fingers – the index fingers on my left and right hands, and the middle finger of my right. Oh, and I often use my thumb to hit the space bar. It probably wouldn’t take me that long to teach myself to type with my other fingers as well, but for some reason I’ve never done it. Would it be quicker? Maybe. My hands certainly move all over the place when typing at the moment, and I do look on with envy at those people who can sit there with their hands in the middle of the keyboard, merrily tapping away without ever looking down.

So maybe I should try giving my other fingers a workout from time to time, keyboard-wise. It’s certainly worth a go. They should share the load of writing those novels and screenplays too, right?

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