Today I submitted my Red Planet entry, a full five days before the deadline. Amazing scenes. Now the wait begins, and it’s going to be an awful one, because – and this is a real kicker – only the entries that actually get through to the next round will receive any feedback at all. So if I don’t get an email before the end of August then that’s it. No notification of failure. Only success. I have no idea what percentage of entries will get through to the second round, either.

So everything’s a bit up in the air for now. The only thing that is certain comes from me – I liked what I submitted, and structurally it all held together. I even managed, through judicious editing, to end the first ten pages on a good joke. Regardless of the result of the competition – and it’ll be an absolute miracle if I get anywhere, since it’s the first one of its type that I’ve ever entered – I’m definitely going to finish the rest of the script. I have to have it ready for submission if I advance anyway, but I think I’ll be pretty proud of it regardless when all is said and done.

It may sound rather obvious having written the thing, but the reason I’m happy is that if “Jump!” was randomly on telly and written by someone else, I’d watch it. Can’t say fairer than that.

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  1. I suspect the first round just involves taking away all the entries that break the rules etc. >_> You’d be surprised how many manuscripts simply fail to meet the guidelines at all.

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