I have a couple of updates concerning previous blog entries to share with you tonight.

Today the appeal from my wife and I to the Nottinghamshire Building Society about the silly valuation they gave our house – thus preventing our remortgage application – failed. This was no surprise, but it was mildly amusing how their explanation for the refusal (about how the evidence we submitted to support the appeal didn’t concern a direct like-for-like comparison of the sale price for a house that was the exact same size and configuration as ours, on the same street, was sold in the last six months, had the same friends, etc etc – because there bloody well isn’t one) directly contradicted their own basis for the original valuation, which was supposed to be based on the same like-for-like criteria that they now freely admit doesn’t exist. At least, it would have been mildly amusing had we not lost a £200 booking fee because of it.

Still, our financial adviser has now found other deals and is very unimpressed with how Nottinghamshire handled the situation. He intimated following a bit of research that the up-front, non-refundable fee – and the valuation fee that has come in for new applicants since we started the process – is a nice bit of easy revenue for a mortgage product that the building society seems very unwilling to lend on. Draw your own conclusions.

Next. Following the glasses fiasco I went for another sight test today, and was unsurprisingly told what I had already suspected – that the results for my right eye from my test on Saturday were complete bollocks. The re-test ended up being very similar to my prescription from four years ago, and the optician was more than a little bit mystified at how her colleague could possibly have got the earlier test so wrong. It wasn’t a problem with the touch screen, either – he had genuinely written down that my right eye had no need of corrective lenses, even though it’s much worse than my left. Most curious. The glasses have now been sent away again to replace the right lens, and I pick them up next Tuesday. I wonder what disaster will befall them this time? They’ll probably be crushed by a grand piano falling on them or something.

One bit of other business: tomorrow I’m going on a hot air balloon flight with my wife and my mother-in-law. My first time in a balloon! Excite! My tolerance for heights will be questioned. I therefore should caution you that if there’s no blog entry tomorrow night, it’s merely because I have plummeted from the sky in a small-scale replica of the Hindenburg disaster, or been pushed out of the basket by my MIL. Except the latter would never happen because she’s lovely, I hasten to add.


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2 responses to “Updates

  1. Jen

    Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow 🙂 Especially after such a shitty week!

  2. Mike

    Thanks, Jen! Here’s hoping.

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