One Vision

I have a theory about luck: it runs in cycles. I’m sure you’ve heard of some variant of the “theory of three”, the belief that three bad things happening in your life means that three good things will inevitably follow. This is supposed to be karma and the universe acting as one, to move things back into balance.

Well, I’m not having a very good week so far, so I hope the theory is true. Having suffered the bizarre remortgage setback on Monday, today it was the turn of my new glasses to annoy. Off I went to pick them up, and very nice they looked too. When they were being fitted they did seem a bit strange, vision-wise, but I assumed this was because my eyes had to get used to a new prescription.


When I investigated further through the highly technical method of shutting each eye in turn on the way back to work, I discovered that while the vision in my left eye was perfect with them on, the vision in my right was blurry and buggered. It was almost as if I wasn’t wearing glasses at all. I popped home to find both my new prescription and my old one from the last eye test I’d had a few years back, and the reason became clear. My right eye had apparently gone from being a measure of -1.00 in terms of short-sightedness to being 0.00. My eye had magically repaired itself! Except, of course, it hadn’t. It felt like I wasn’t wearing glasses for my right eye because that particular lens had no bloody prescription in it at all!

The optician I’d seen for my sight test last weekend had therefore, for whatever reason, thought that my right eye had perfect vision. In reality, it’s blur-tastic. Something he said to me came to mind: “Your left eye is worse than your right.” I thought I’d misheard him, or that he’d simply got his words wrong. Obviously not.

So I trooped off back to Specsavers to let them know, and now I have to go for another sight test to make sure of things. The guy there thought that the situation was likely to have come about because of an input error with the touch screens they use (and he didn’t sound surprised in the least, so that’s happened before), but given the optician’s words to me, I don’t think so. Unfortunately I just think the optician was hopeless. He was certainly rude.

Thankfully the lenses will be replaced free of charge, but it is a bit inconvenient having to make what will in total (including today’s jaunt) be three extra trips into town.

(A bit of good luck now would be nice, if the universe is listening…)

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