The Edit

I’ve solved the technical problems that were preventing my video blog from being edited together. It only took two computers, an external hard drive, a video conversion program and plenty of fruitless fiddling to bring about this renaissance in future Youtube goodness. Unfortunately, this now means that I actually have to do the bloody thing. Oh dear.

There’s a good reason why video stuff tends to be made by more than one person – it’s surprisingly hard to do even a single thing in the process well, let alone all of it. I’m a rank amateur, and my stuff is amateurishly rank. Doing this is making me appreciate the true value of editing. Sure, I’ve looked at CSI Miami with all its jazzy split-screens popping in from nowhere all the time, and thought, “Bloody hell, that probably takes a fair while to put together.” All those science montage sequences which pad out the show, set to licensed or specially composed music, are edited by people who’ve been trained for years in their craft and are working on super-duper Avid systems. I’m one guy working with dodgy iPhone footage and a computer that wants to croak whenever I throw a video file at it, and it shows.

The thing about editing that I’m learning more and more, is that time is money, or rather, dead time is worse than useless. So far I’ve been encountering the Kirstie Allsopps of pregnant pauses in all the segments, when what I actually need is the snappiness of an alligator. Take out frames! Make that volume fade earlier by half a second! Work out where the bloody pan controls are for photos! Why won’t this music track start exactly where I want it to? Gaaaaaah. In a way, it’s rather like editing a novel. You start off with a big, bloated mess and your mission is to cut it to the bone, leaving no gristle to speak of.

So yes, it would have been far easier just to stick a camera on myself and blather shite for 90 seconds, but that’s what I did in the last one and I want this video blog to be better. I’m shooting for the moon but using the British space budget to do it, so this is bound to be a glorious failure of an experiment. And it isn’t even funny. But hey, editing can solve that, right? Or maybe delusions of adequacy will.

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