What A Mistake-A To Make-A

A blog about work? Work? WORK? Rarer than a steak oozing blood, this. But I had to confess.

The thing about this illness I’ve had for the past week, which still hasn’t gone away (though I was back at work today), and has now claimed two more unwitting victims in my office, is that it makes it incredibly difficult to concentrate. It’s rather fatiguing. This morning plain knocked the sails out of me, as I was required to go to a client’s and indulge in a nice bit of cash flow jiggery-pokery to solve a problem that had partly been caused in the first place by the fact that I couldn’t see them last week due to feeling like death. The issue solved, I went back to my own office, knackered, and then had one very, very easy job to do.

The ability to pay online with the click of a button is dangerous – more so when the only authorisation you need to go through is when logging in at the start, not when making the actual payment. At my client’s earlier, I had a number of difficult payments to do with a different banking system that makes you authorise every single transaction individually, and I really concentrated incredibly hard to make sure that nothing went wrong. The added insurance of the extra check before authorisation helped.

This easy payment later on for the company I work for, though, was one that I just had to click twice on to submit. Disaster. I’d usually get it right 1,001 times out of 1,000 – pay a member of staff a couple of days early because he has a funny bank account that takes three days to process payments. Yes, that’s right: pay one person one amount to one account. How on Earth could anyone cock that up? Well, guess what I did? Armed with the payroll reports, I just didn’t think, and proceeded to pay him the entire company salary bill rather than his individual salary. Genius. My reaction when I realised a split-second after I’d hit submit, was a frozen look of sheer terror and the following silent scream: “Oh shhhhiiiiiiiiiitttttt…” I felt like Matthew Upson.

Luckily the silly bank account actually proved to be my salvation, as due to the transaction taking three days to reach its destination, my director was able to call the bank and get the payment stopped. Luckily she saw the funny side, and recognised that I wasn’t quite myself (in the morning, I had been told by the client I saw that I looked “bloody awful”. Cheers!).

Obviously, near the end of the month, paying out the entire salary bill in one transaction to one person probably isn’t the best thing to do. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why when the screen asks you if you’re sure you want to make a particular payment, you might want to check the amount again. As otherwise you’re in danger of feeling – and most likely, looking – like a complete gimp.

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