And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time, Know Not What The Fuck To Do…?

Tonight’s England match was the perfect end to the perfect week. With a performance that would have shamed last season’s Liverpool First XI, Capello’s misfits once again posed the question of what the hell we’re doing following these bozos.

We put ourselves through it every time, of course. As a man who’s used to watching England strain every sinew to frustrate us, it’s almost reassuring to know that we face yet another win or bust showdown on Wednesday. If Fabio Capello doesn’t want to suffer the indignity of being dismissed (surely even the FA can’t countenance paying £6 million per year for the drivel we’re currently witnessing), then he has to get the players to remember how they qualified, otherwise he could yet be forced to polish his fake Dutch accent.

How did it ever come to this? Oh yeah – England. Should have known.

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