Child Of Eden

Microsoft’s E3 conference earlier in the week devoted a lot (and I mean a LOT) of time to the company’s new controller-free Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360, but caused grumbles among core gamers by failing to show more than one or two games in development that directly appealed to them. And even those games (Dance Central, for example) didn’t overwhelmingly scream “Day One!” at their wallets.

So it seems just plain bizarre that Microsoft didn’t arrange for Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s new game, Child of Eden, to be front and centre in its presentation. Or, indeed, appear at all. Seemingly the unofficial sequel to Rez, the Dreamcast, PS2 and Live Arcade classic, Child of Eden continues Mizuguchi’s obsession with the concept of synesthesia, hoping to bring consciousness to a new level by smashing together a headfuck of aural and visual pleasure and letting the player’s hands control the shooty action. Showing this would have solved Microsoft’s conference problems almost single-handedly. Open goal missed, methinks.

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