Air Video

Technology really is magic, sometimes. I’ve installed an app called Air Video on my iPhone (iTunes Store, £1.79). It communicates with a separate program on my PC which acts as a server for my video files, and whisks them over to the iPhone via Wi-Fi. If the videos are in a compatible format then they play automatically, as you might expect, but here’s the clever bit: if the files are in another, ordinarily incompatible format, then the program converts them on the fly, allowing them to play smoothly and in brilliant quality.

While hardly a replacement for watching telly and movies on a big screen, the convenience factor of being able to lie in bed and watch downloads on my iPhone via Wi-Fi is awesome. I tested the program by throwing different file types at it, including various HD files, and it handled them all with aplomb, requiring only a few seconds of buffering before they started. I watched the recent crazy-good tunnel setpiece from 24 and a bit of CSI, and reckon that Air Video could well become my convenient catch-up tool of choice.

With this, Spotify, Twitter and Facebook all on my iPhone now, I’m increasingly covering all bases when it comes to music, video and social networking. All I need now is for O2’s 3G coverage in Bristol to become a little less utterly pisspoor, and everything’ll be rosy even on the move.

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