The Mirrorball Video Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, WE ARE ENTERING THE AGE OF VIDEO (circa 2005).

Yes, it’s a proud moment for The Mirrorball Blog and a toe-curlingly embarrassing one for everyone else, as I get in front of camera with shit hair and absolutely nothing of note to say. This is going to be a weekly feature. Ideas welcomed. Very much a work in progress at the moment, this, and hopefully my loyal readership (those who haven’t already fled in terror) will be able to help me out. If anyone knows of any nice bit of software on the iPhone or (free) on PC that I can use to edit multiple video clips together and maybe even put some titles on the thing and add music over the top etc, then hopefully the next one will be less horribly static. And I might even have something worth saying.

In the meantime, enjoy this experiment for what it is (ie. knowingly shit). The next installment had better be ten gazillion times better or I’ll be reduced to hiring Vernon bloody Kay as presenter.

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