A Confession of Rubbishness

My blogging habit’s a bit rubbish at the moment. I’m writing the entries late at night, when I’m pretty tired and have little of note to say. If you take a look back through my posts, you’ll see just how many are time-stamped very close to midnight, and it’s noticeable (to me, anyway) that the ones written earlier in the evening are much better.

A change of emphasis is needed, then. I’m going to try to make posting this blog the first thing I do when I come home from work, and I’m going to at least attempt to think about what I want to write beforehand. Too often recently I’ve sat down at the keyboard without the slightest inkling of what I want to say. Once again, the entries that I plan beforehand are much better. I know how to get the most out of this blog, it’s just a question of not being a lazy bastard and actually doing it. There seems little point in just going through the motions of One A Day, so I need to sort myself out. Pep talk over. I’m going to make every effort to get this blog back up to scratch, starting tomorrow.

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