The Extra Day

The Bank Holiday break is great for one very good reason: a three day weekend feels so much longer than a two day weekend. It’s much more of a “proper” length of time off before going back to work. I’ve always found standard weekends too short. Friday night’s usually a write-off because of tiredness, and then a lie-in on Saturday leaves you with a far shorter day. Before you know it, the weekend’s half over and you haven’t even done anything yet. And then, knowing that you’re on the downhill stretch, time seems to pass much more quickly, and a few seconds later you’re back in the office again, trying to fathom just where the weekend went.

What I’m saying is that I think it’s about time to introduce an eight day week. Five days on, three days off. It’d be much better. Everyone would be much happier. Who’s with me?

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