This is one of THOSE blogs. You know, the ones produced under the influence of alcohol, late at night, when any reasonable subject idea seems far too complex to write about. These entries happen occasionally. They’re the ones which wouldn’t appear at all if this blog wasn’t always updated daily under pain of… well… feeling rubbish at having broken the sacred vow of One A Day.

But failure isn’t a bad thing necessarily, it’s something to be explored in 250 words or less. When considering a whole year’s worth of entries, it’s inevitable that some will be less than rubbish. Think about your favourite TV show. Was every episode perfect? No, of course not. Some were written in a hurry, others were full of ideas which worked on the page but sucked when filmed. I can point to hours of Buffy, 24, Lost, Fringe and even Chucklevision that left everyone pining for the following week’s installment, just to forget the previous week’s embarrassment.

So let’s forget that this blog entry ever happened and move on to tomorrow’s, which I’m sure will be mind-bogglingly amazing (may not be accurate). Holding pattern activated.

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