My iPod Classic is sick. And that’s sick as in ill, rather than the American version of the word. It keeps crashing intermittently when I try to add music to it. I’ve tried restoring the factory settings, but sadly that’s had no effect. I’ve had a reasonably good innings with it, though – two and a half years, which is longer than my sister’s iPods have managed. When I first got the Classic, it was such a revelation. Finally being able to carry around my entire music collection on one device felt so empowering. I no longer had to take a Discman or equivalent with me (which, due to the bulk, I rarely did), or load my car up with CDs whenever I took a trip. I sought out new music all the time, forever finding new albums to add. Videos, too: full concerts by the likes of Radiohead, Muse and Portishead. I went to sleep every night with my iPod on, listening to podcasts. Wherever I went, it went too, always along for the ride.

Now I think it’s jealous of my new iPhone, of no longer being my favourite gadget. It’s like I’ve left an old stalwart for a younger, sleeker, prettier model, and it’s reacted by going into a deep depression. I’m trying to resuscitate it, but have a horrible feeling that I’m not going to succeed. I want to promise it a future as my go-to device for custom soundtracks on my 360 (I won’t mention that the… er… iPhone won’t actually work in that regard), but maybe rather than trying to re-add all my music back onto it, I’ll be more gentle and just put my favourite albums on there. It deserves a graceful retirement for its years of faithful service, after all.

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