As I said a few days ago, once a technological leap happens and the result infiltrates our daily lives to make things more convenient, we can’t imagine how we ever survived without it. Debit cards, mobile phones, the internet, the Sinclair C5 – you name it, it seems crazy that we ever managed to live without it (okay, the final one’s there to make sure you’re paying attention).

I had one of those moments when I first started playing with my iPhone. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realise just how much I’m going to be able to get out of it. A single always-on device for my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Apps not just for gaming, but for pretty much anything else I or anyone else can think of – today, for example, I downloaded a photography app called Hipstamatic, which simulates the effects of various lenses, films and flashes to greatly enhance the creative potential of the iPhone’s camera. It’s seriously impressive stuff, and just one example of how talented developers all over the world have embraced the platform. Even thinking about what could come next just boggles the mind.

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