A very short entry tonight, as I’m busy deleting stuff off my old phone and transferring it to my PC (photos, etc.), and configuring my new iPhone. Yes, an iPhone! I’ve wanted one of these for ages, and finally my contract came up for renewal so I could get my hands on one. Excite!

I only planned to move a few albums from iTunes to my new phone, but in the end I couldn’t resist transferring a hell of a lot of stuff from the likes of Radiohead, The National, Muse, Animal Collective, LCD Soundsystem and the like. With so many thousands of Apps to choose from, I’ve been doing a bit of research to discover which are “the ones” to go for, and there’s a bewildering array of opinions as well as a surprising amount of free stuff out there. My obligatory first App purchase, of course, was Peggle. Lovely Peggle. Gorgeous, rainbow-dreamy Peggle. So-addictive-it-should-be-illegal Peggle. It’s the third time I’ve paid for the game on various platforms, but I can’t begrudge developers PopCap my money.

And so I go to bed a happy man, safe in the knowledge that my iPhone is all charged and ready to go. I love new gadgets, and this promises to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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One response to “iPhone!

  1. Jen

    I love mine 🙂

    It’s the first generation one so only 2g but it’s still invaluable!

    After a while you’ll wonder how you got by without it!

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