(This blog entry includes spoilers for the latest episode of Lost.)

One important facet of the human race is that we’re all individuals with our own opinions. This can manifest itself in terrible ways, such as when people actually agree with the odious BNP. Someone actually had such misguided opinions that he set the party up in the first place. The very fact that I call them “misguided” is because I have my own opinions, a value set that I learnt from my parents, my upbringing, my environment, my education and my friends.

But while we have our own thoughts on the weighty issues of politics and morals and what’s right and wrong with the world, the other thing about individuality is that even when it comes to ultimately inconsequential fluff like television, there are equally strong differences in our views.

Take this week’s episode of Lost as an example, which has run the gamut of opinions. Some viewers angrily contend that the show jumped the shark following a scene in which the central mystery of the island seems to come down to the existence of a Magic Cave (prompting unwelcome comparisons with Midichlorians), while others thought that the episode answered certain mysteries satisfactorily and left us with compelling new ones.

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. The existence of a Magic Cave wasn’t exactly satisfying, but I found other plot elements such as the origin of Jacob and The Man In Black interesting, and it’s always nice to see CJ from The West Wing getting work. Still, it seemed like a strange place to put the episode, only two weeks away from the finale of the entire series, particularly after the devastating final act of last week’s show.

But that’s the great thing about opinions. There’s never 100% agreement on anything. There are people who refuse to watch Star Wars, think that The Phantom Menace was amazing, hated Return of the King, want to be Katie Price, and generally are wrong about all things. Is the last part of that sentence fact? Do I actually have to say “in my opinion” to justify it? No, of course not. We all have opinions, many of them strong ones. And wouldn’t it be boring if we all thought the same?

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