New Addiction

Picking up new addictions can be a terrible drain on the wallet. Even though I love videogames to bits, I often rue the day that I acquired the habit of playing them, as adding up the amount I’ve spent on the hobby over the years would leave me with my jaw on the floor, horrified at the untold riches I’ve missed out on by punting £40 a pop at new releases over the past decade and a half. The same can be said of movies, television and music, with the first-hand value of each collection running to many thousands of pounds, with any possible re-sale value… er… not.

So it’s with a happy heart that I can report my new addiction: Snackajacks. They’re tremendously moreish. They’re cheap. And, amazingly, unlike most other nice things, they’re not hideously bad for you. Indeed, their calorie and fat count are remarkably low for how utterly delicious they are. The savoury ones, like the salt and vinegar flavour, shouldn’t work – a Snackajack is basically just a rice cake with flavouring on it – but somehow manage to be just as yummy as crisps, while my favourites, the caramel ones, are crazy-crazy-crazy-amazing. I could sit and eat them for hours. And would do, if there was ever more than one big pack in the house at a time.

These lovely treats come in conventional crisp packet size, but the superior alternative size looks like a series of thick drink coasters (or slightly rubbish frisbees. I can’t decide). You get a number of them in a big, tall wrapper, and once you’ve had one, there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to stop eating until none are left.

So praise be to the Snackajack, the first thing I’ve been addicted to in ages which doesn’t come with a health warning or threaten my mortgage repayments. If you haven’t tried them yet, do.

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  1. Ashton Raze

    Snackajacks are lovely. I haven’t had them in years though. Now I want some. THANKS MIKE.

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