Hard (One A) Day

I’ve written a few One A Days that I look back at and think: “Hey, that was kinda alright.” There are many more that I read and wonder what the hell I was doing. Quite a few of them were written, shall we say, ‘under the influence’. This is one of them. Sorry.

Part of writing a daily blog is accepting that there will be some days when you will be inspired, and others where you’re struggling to come up with a concept even as you’re approaching midnight tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard. The best entries tend to be when you (and by you, I mean me) have some proper time to think about it, time to write it, and time to massage the first draft into something approaching respectability. This entry is not one of them.

This contribution is one of the inevitable difficult ones, where you run out of time and are reduced to writing about the imaginary pain of delivering a daily blog. Yes, it’s not always easy; yes, sometimes you really have to strain it like Gordon Brown delivering a smile; but you can eventually squeeze it out, hoping that tomorrow will be one of those easy pleasures that makes One A Day worthwhile. So here’s to tomorrow. Sorry about today.

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