Exactly one year ago today, I stood in front of over 90 of my friends and family in a beautiful mansion at a place called Eastwood Park, and said “I do” to my lovely wife Jo. It’s amazing how quickly the time has gone, as it really does feel like yesterday. Everything ran surprisingly smoothly. Even my speech wasn’t terrible, and though my (amazing) best man ribbed the living shit out of me in his own audiovisual presentation, I’ve never laughed so much in my life. It’s a day that remains burned into my mind. The evening’s a bit of a blur, though. I blame extreme wine.

With one year down and many, many more to go, I wonder and worry about what the future may hold. Will I get that book deal? Will Jo continue to put up with me? Will my cats eat the world’s entire supply of sliced chicken? Will ITV become less shit? Will this blog eventually settle on a tone?

Whatever happens, right now I’m sitting here sipping celebratory champagne, cats looking ever so cute on the sofa, Jo smiling at me, and even though the dreary cycle of work begins again in the morning, it’s really not such a bad life.

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