I Vote For Sleep

Last night I was up until 6am watching the most fascinating of election nights unfold on television. I subsequently managed to grab a couple of hours’ sleep. Depressingly, I then had to go to work. So all of today I’ve felt like a zombie – struggling to keep up any meaningful level of concentration, and mindful that I could easily make stupid mistakes. When at one point I had to get my head together to make some online bank payments, it was a bit of a tightrope walk, as my adding up went completely to shit. I just couldn’t think properly. I felt like my brain had regressed to the level of an Oceana clubber. I never want to be this tired again. Thank God elections only come around once every four or five years (he says, fearing another one in the autumn).

This blog has concentrated on politics for the past few weeks, and I thought there would only be a need for one big summary of events before I stopped all talk of Tories and Labour and the Lib Dems for a while, but given the hung Parliament result, I could be posting about the horsetrading and ethics/success of any coalition for a while yet. However, given that even I’m pretty much “electioned out” (which is saying something), I’ll try to keep the balance of posting between politics and non-politics a lot better than I have done of late.

Tomorrow I’ll give my opinion of what the election result has meant, and my views on the possible permutations ahead of us. But right now I just need some sleep and a big lie-in. Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg likely feel the same.

But I will share with you a clip that’s rather funny with hindsight. It’s Gordon Brown from the 1992 election.

The words “worm” and “turn” spring to mind…

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