The Day Of Reckoning

You may wonder why there’s been precious little election coverage on the telly today. It’s due to an amusingly quaint law which disallows any political comment on television and radio services, as they may affect people’s voting intentions. Er… that’s the intention of the previous four weeks of non-stop campaigning, surely. But you can see why this might be advantageous. What if some massive made-up scandal about a candidate hit the airwaves on Election Day, only to be retracted a day later? It could influence the outcome. Then again, such tomfoolery could have happened the day before, or the day before that. It seems that this policy is there as a “just in case” measure, but it has the effect of making Election Day itself an eerie graveyard on television before the main event starts at 10pm. And, of course, it’s particularly curious now that the Internet is so ever-present, because that’s unaffected.

Today’s newspapers were also allowed to say whatever they wanted to. The Daily Mirror put Cameron’s infamous Bullingdon Club photograph on its front page, and insulted him a bit, to try to make people not vote for him. The naughty thing about that, other than the lack of sense of fair play, was that the photograph itself is copyrighted. Three years ago, it became illegal to publish it without permission. So you can take its usage in one of two ways: either the Mirror was cheeky and inspired, or it was an illegal dick-move. The opinion you take there is probably based on your political affiliation.

Anyway, with the exit polls about to be revealed and a long night of hopefully exciting results ahead, I’m sitting down in front of the telly to watch the coverage, with my laptop in hand to monitor the Internet reaction, and a bottle of wine by my side. I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s to a great night!

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