A Crack In Time

There’s going to be a big piece about New New Who on here at some point, but the hour’s a bit late for that again, unfortunately, and so I’ll just briefly say that tonight’s episode – Flesh and Stone – was a slam-dunk in so many ways, whether we’re talking about the dialogue, the plot, the direction, the performances or the FX.

In a bravura move, Steven Moffat appears to have taken the many plotholes in Russell T Davies’ work before him, and used the utter subversion of them as the basis for the overall story arc of his first series in charge. Even though Moffat’s always been a superb plotter in everything he’s done, this is seriously brilliant stuff. And the chemistry between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan remains electric – watching any scene with the two of them in is a joy.

So, more on Who in the next week or so. Maybe by then, the nation’s kids will have found their way back from behind the sofa.

In other news, 24 continues its astounding return to form. At the moment (touch wood), it looks like the second half of the final season could turn out to be the most consistent run in the show’s history. Jack’s going out in fine fettle, in full-on Dark Jack mode. The bad guys had better beware.

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