America’s Take On Bigotgate

It’s about time that America got revenge on the UK for us laughing at supreme brainbox George W Bush so often over the years.

The perception over here is that Americans have about as much interest in foreign affairs as Nick Griffin has in owning a lentils company, but The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central has taken a shine to our election, and the following video is the result. Ripping into the quaintness of our debates, with banter about English accents and traditions thrown in for good measure, Jon Stewart’s piece is a lovingly crafted pisstake which is also really funny. More, please. Unfortunately I’m the Gordon Brown of non-Youtube video embedding, so you’ll have to click on the link below (I blame Sue).

Bigotgate, US style…

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  1. David Unwin

    If you’re blaming sue so are loads of other people on

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