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Only a short entry tonight, unfortunately, because I’ve been riveted to the coverage of the final Leaders’ Debate and it’s getting late.

While watching the broadcast, my initial impression was that Clegg had won. Even though I thought he came a little bit unstuck on talk about the Euro and immigration, he seemed slick enough to have emerged victorious.

So I was rather surprised when the initial polls came out, saying that Cameron was the victor. I had seen him evade questions on his immigration cap, and thought it might have harmed him.

But when reading the tweets and the comments and the analysis later – in particular a Shadow Lib Dem Minister apparently admitting in private that Clegg “lied” about his policy towards the Euro (an extraordinary admission!) – the narrative started to form that Clegg was a bit light on substance, and that his repeated attempts to dress up the others as being part of the Old Politics (TM) was becoming a bit old hat.

Brilliantly, Alistair Campbell, after spinning that Gordon Brown had won, was subsequently witnessed saying to a couple of security guards, “We’ve had it”. Yet in possibly the best spin of the entire campaign, he then claimed that he was referring to his beloved Burnley FC. Who are… er… already relegated. So that’s bollocks, then. And that’s politics for you.

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