Urban Escape

Only a short entry tonight, but it’s charged with COUNTRYSIDE FEAR.

Yes, I’m seriously urbanised. Having lived in cities all my life, the idea of spending a weekend in rural Devon with no Internet and no Virgin Megastore (aside from various Barnstaple nightspots) is kinda scary. True, I usually survive this trauma, but it’s still one of those culture shocks which resonates whenever I venture down south. This weekend I’m staying with the in-laws, who thankfully now have wi-fi. And hopefully, lamb.

The change of pace is often quite refreshing for a time. Having a bit of quiet to think and contemplate for a while is likely to be beneficial when working out my next move in terms of the thing I’m writing. But the experience of rural life is pretty intoxicating. Country air, none of the hustle and bustle of city life – it’s appealing. While I anticipate always having links to the city, a home in the country is something that I’ve always looked forward to. England’s green and pleasant land has no equal, after all. Long may the great escape continue,

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