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As I think I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I’m not really a prolific viewer of Youtube videos, even though the ones that I do get linked to from time to time are often funny, innovative and amazingly well made. Youtube has already proven itself to be a way “in” for ambitious amateur directors, and of course, Susan Boyle can chalk up her entire international career to the site’s existence. No doubt its influence will continue to grow in this regard.

Today I was at a bit of a loose end, mobile in hand, and so thought I’d take a quick look at the popular vids on the S60 Youtube app. Some I found rather silly and actually borderline dumb, such as the many about smashing up newly bought iPads. A well-watched example sees Apple’s latest being dropped onto the pavement and then hit with a baseball bat until it’s a mess. It simply isn’t funny. There was one that I found amusing, though, where a strange guy in crazy glasses asks the question we’ve all wondered about – “Will it blend?” – and proceeds to find out.

I then found a great video about bad writing which I probably shouldn’t admit to finding amusing – after all, it takes the piss out of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series (which I haven’t read), and me laughing along with it could come across as extreme jealousy. I assure you, I simply thought it was genuinely witty.

Then there’s the best piece of “why live television rocks” for a while, from last week’s Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports, where former-footballer-turned-reporter Chris Kamara somehow manages to miss a man being sent off in the Portsmouth vs Blackburn game. Hilarity ensues.

And finally, this blog entry seems like a good place to plug my pal Rick Procter’s video blog about films. There are few living in this fair isle who are as knowledgeable about movies as Rick, so it’s great to see him putting his talent to good use. Plus, he’s a genuinely lovely bloke, so spread the word:

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