Certainty Rising

Well, this has been just about the weirdest week ever. I’ve run the entire spectrum of emotions, from the happiness of being on holiday, to some pretty bad news when I got back, to cautiously optimistic borderline euphoria today. I’m seriously pinching myself here. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow’s events could be the start of something… well… astonishing. On the other hand, they could lead to the biggest disappointment of all time! It’s that uncertainty which is so brilliant. The whole risk/reward thing may be coming to a final decision, and whatever the verdict, it’s all very exciting.

Tonight and early tomorrow morning, I’m doing a final “watch out for shit bits” check of Certainty in preparation for a certain email attachment. The request was quite a surprise. The agency that I most wanted but least realistically expected to be interested has asked for my full manuscript, and all bets are off. It’s rather surreal.

But where I am at the moment, about a third of the way skimming through the manuscript again, I can see it. I can really see it. It’s a terrifying thought, but an utterly thrilling one. I don’t want to get too optimistic, but at the same time I need to make sure that I absolutely nail it, and I can’t help but think about what could be ahead. Even blogging about this possibility is a potentially massive hostage to fortune, but you know what? Tonight, I believe in myself. It works. Now it’s just a question of the final push reinforcing that.

Roll on tomorrow. Here we go.

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