A Mutual Love-In

Someone I know must have walked over some fairy dust. There has been excellent news for a few friends over the past couple of days, and that’s unusual, as often there’s a kind of balancing effect in place where positivity for one means negativity for another. Sure, this could all turn around again in the next week or two, but it’s been lovely to receive emails full of enthusiasm for both personal and professional good fortune. Friends generally seem to be “up”, which is a grand state of affairs.

Maybe the promise of the new decade is finally grinding into gear, then. I’m privileged to know people that I think have genuine talent in their various fields and are going to go far, and it’s a brilliant feeling to read about them gaining success.

As for me, earlier today I sent off what could possibly be the most important email I ever write (depending on the result), and despite some absolutely chronic insomnia on Thursday night at the thoughts buzzing around my head, for it now to be done and for there to be literally (no pun intended) nothing else I can do except to relax and wait while being vaguely mildly perhaps confident about the outcome (yeah, that’s going to last, eh, regular readers of this blog), well, it’s a pretty bloody good end to the week.

I’ve been so flat-out recently that I’m at least seven Losts, four 24s, and a couple of Fringes behind. This weekend will therefore hopefully be a bit of a catch-up session, as well as a nice and quiet comedown to what have been a very intense few days. The Mallorca holiday was a week too early, really, but never mind! Having caught up on all that sleep, I’m now right back to square one. And yet, in other areas, well ahead. I wouldn’t swap.

And yeah, this is a bit of a meandering blog post, but never mind. I’ve been up for twenty hours, and I’m not used to it. Brain completely fried, I’m now going to bed. Last night was only the second time I can remember ever having insomnia, so hopefully normal sleepy service will now be resumed. Night night.

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