England’s Green And Pleasant Land

Back to life. Back to reality. Yes, big decisions are en vogue. It’s been one of those days. Up since 5.30am to fly home, a succession of bad news has since struck. But I’m nothing if not optimistic. From adversity comes opportunity; from tragedy, triumph; and from Mallorcan supermarkets, white chocolate liqueur.

And it hasn’t been a complete disaster, to be fair. True, the in-laws have been working on the house while I’ve been away, and so I’ve returned to find the place a madhouse and my videogames collection hidden behind a thick dust sheet. But my brother-in-law’s Californian friend Melissa was a delight, the new Doctor Who was as good as I was hoping, and coming events should at least shatter the status quo once and for all, proving beyond doubt that OBEs are no protection.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before on this blog that 2010 is set to be a year of change. Today has only reinforced that particular theory. Whether that change is for good or ill, I can’t yet say. It’s way too early to tell. But at least life isn’t going to be boring. Routine is so last decade. Trouble is, the solution is way too obvious. Unfortunately it presently requires too much of two things I simply don’t have: time and money. But then, isn’t that the case for everyone?

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