Hen Time

New arrivals today! A hen party from Scotland, staying for four days. Drinking since before they left their homes at five o’clock this morning. This is going to get messy. There are about sixteen of them, including random family members of the hen, and they’ve already incurred the wrath of the hotel manager, who looks far too much like Nick Hewer from The Apprentice for my liking (I keep double-taking as he goes past, expecting to see Margaret in his wake and an ex barrow-boy shout of “You lost me mannee”) Mainly they’re in trouble for doing things like jumping in the pool fully clothed. Though it was rather funny when the hen herself was pushed in – she still had her mobile in her pocket. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t impressed, threw a hissy fit, and refused to work ever again.

I spent the afternoon lying by the pool, catching up on various podcasts. Eventually, though, I might even start to write “the next thing”. Except it probably won´t be that, it’ll be the side-project called One of Six which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. It’s basically Blair Witch meets Rec meets Seven meets Die Hard meets A Life of Grime. Can’t wait to say that in the pitch session. Anyway, it’s going to be the kind of project that I can give to a talented director just out of film school, and he’ll hopefully be able to make it without needing too much funding. Writing by hand is a pain, though. My hand starts to ache after half a page. I’ve probably just forgotten how to hold a pen correctly, now that I’m too used to keyboards.

Tonight I’m going into town to explore. I literally have no idea what I’ll find. Hopefully a bunch of Scottish people abysmally failing their mock X Factor auditions. Holidays are awesome.

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