“Nothing like a deadline to bring out the best in people, eh John? Isn’t that what you always say?”

True, that line of dialogue is spoken by my main character Sebastian in my novel Certainty while he’s pointing a gun at the head of his ex-boss, but I still appreciate the sentiment. I get on a plane in 18 hours, and the massive edit is finally finished.

Well, I say finished, but only really in terms of getting to the end. There’s a nip here, a tuck there, and a terrible performance in Fantastic Four still to go. I lost 12,000 words down the back of the sofa during the process. How careless. The full book’s more than ready to be read by all and agenty, but there’s always further tightening that can be done. I’m happy with it, mind. Bits that I thought were strong, weren’t, and then suddenly were; while dodgier parts were rewritten and made far more interesting. Superfluous adjectives went the way of Labour’s death tax plans (bit of satire for you there, ladies and gents), while overlong sentences were distilled. Down. Into. William Shatner-esque. Delivery. But not that. Much. Honest. There’s some joke here about channelling my inner (Lee) Child, but I believe I’ll postpone.

“Escaping into the din of the Planet Telex nightclub seems like the perfect way for Sebastian Leonard to forget about being sacked and dumped on the very same day, but after blacking out while talking to the enigmatic Laura Anderson, he is further pulled out of the sleepwalk of his late twenties when he wakes to find a digital display in the corner of his vision, counting down from eight hours to his inevitable death. The condition’s name: Certainty.”

That’s the premise, but here’s the promise: Certainty is just the beginning.

I have a few relaxing days on holiday to figure out the extremely enjoyable, Blair-Witch-meets-Seven, found footage extravaganza: One of Six. This follows the story of a documentary crew filming a routine assignment for an obscure cable channel – a fly-on-the-wall borefest about a bunch of office cleaners – which quickly becomes a serial-killer-tastic psychological thriller. Talented directors, beware. This is going to spec up your inboxes before too long.

Of course, I may just play a lot of Infinite Space on the DS. That is a danger. Oh, and get drunk a lot. Could happen. Let’s just hope there isn’t a karaoke night. Whatever happens, I’ll come back with something.

As discussed in yesterday’s entry, I have no idea what internet access will be like in my hotel, but hopefully I’ll be able to sort something out.

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