Bit of a disastrous night tonight. Went to see Kick Ass at the cinema (director’s lounge. Reserved, assigned seating) with my wife. The following things went horribly wrong:

1. Missed the bus.

2. Upon arrival at cinema, put bank card in to print out pre-reserved tickets. Printer failed. Staff didn’t know how to get the info on the seats we’d booked. Lady at counter asked which seats I’d booked. Gave best guess. Lady booked new reserve seats just in case. For some reason, she had no ability to see what I’d originally reserved. Suspicion from printout that card may have been charged again. Will check on Monday.

3. Went to screen to guess seats we’d booked. Couple came to sit in our first stab at seats. Moved. Another couple came to claim the seats we then moved to. Moved again. Clear by now that the seats we’d booked in the middle of the cinema (only sure of the general area) were now taken. Some twats had sat in seats which weren’t theirs. Noted with dismay that even our newly booked reserve seats were also being sat in. Finally found unoccupied aisle seats. Stress rising.

4. Adverts came and went. Film started. Not Kick Ass, though. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo instead. General laughter. Couple of people went to complain. Five minutes later, real film started.

Luckily, Kick Ass was amazing. Seriously amazing. Put in a complaint after the screening and outlined disaster. Free tickets get. So I suppose we’re kind of “up”, overall. But it was one of those nights when ineptness was an epidemic.

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