Roger Boyes

The major news today (yesterday) wasn’t about Lewis Hamilton pretending to play Project Gotham Racing 2 in real life, or that the US and Russia are cutting 30% of their nuclear weapons arsenals.

Come on, this is 2010. The important stuff is spotted by the web. The real news, according to Twitter, was that a story about the “Vienna Boys’ Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals” was written by a journalist named Roger Boyes. Double entendre-tastic, no? However, what initially seemed to be a brilliant Private Eye-esque joke byline, is sadly a real person. Now immortalised in Wikipedia.

Inevitably, the story quickly shot to the top of The Times’ most read articles, once again proving how influential social networking can be in virally spreading entertaining rubbish. And that the spirit of the Carry On films is still alive in Britain today.

The other thing that Twitter encourages at the moment is amusing hashtag topics to get everyone’s satirical heads on. With the news of tax relief for UK videogame developers came the hashtag “#culturallybritishtaxbreakgames”, and a series of imaginative Tweets on the subject, the best of which have been collated here by Chris Schilling.

Investigation, controversy, satire, humour. Is there nothing Twitter can’t do? Apart from letting people have a proper conversation, of course.

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