Flip reverse

First of all, sorry that tonight is another tiny update. Normal service should be resumed tomorrow.

I was planning to finish my individual cover letters for literary agents today, but instead, on the insistence of my little sister who came round, I played Heavy Rain for seven hours in a row and managed to finish it. There’s a lot to write regarding the things that do and don’t work in that game (thankfully more of the former than the latter), so I’ll collect my thoughts before figuring out exactly what I want to say.

My weekend days have flipped around because of the extended play session, so finishing off the cover letters now moves to tomorrow. The three chapter sample is ready (major thanks go to the chosen few, who’ve all given me valuable feedback and encouragement), the synopsis is ready, so I’ve just got the cover letters to nail now.

I did, however, read the submission requirements today for one particular agency I was thinking of querying, and thought that they were more than overkill. Some weird biography thing, then conducting research on the success of similar titles to your own (and there I was thinking that comparing yourself to anyone else was a bad idea – which I still believe it is, by the way), and a very strange, chapter by chapter analysis of your novel – as well as a cover letter and “half-page” outline. All necessary, apparently. To a certain extent, I can see why asking for comparatively onerous things could be an advantage for an agency – you make sure that those submitting are serious, and hopefully get rid of a lot of the chancers – but I have to say that those submission guidelines have seriously put me off them.

Three chapters, synopsis, cover letter. If you can’t make a decision based on those, why on Earth not?

For the agency in question: form rejection. Shame.

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