Achievement Unlocked

Today I planned to do three things:

1. Eat Roast Lamb.
2. Watch Sherlock Holmes.
3. Write the new opening to my novel.

Most days I plan to do loads of stuff and don’t achieve any of it. But today, somehow I can check off all of the above.

And even more amazingly, the lamb was lovely, Sherlock Holmes was exciting, and the new opening seems… well… good. I’m baffled, frankly. There was one sequence in particular that I already really like – it’s character based and revelatory, and turned out exactly how I hoped it would. For the first draft of something new, that’s more than a blessing. As a whole, the new stuff is probably a hideous mess – I’m still way too close to it – but a couple of trusted writey people will be delivering judgement soon, so fingers crossed.

It feels good to have it all down, anyway, no matter how much editing is required this week. It only took a number of hours shutting myself off from the world, completely ignoring everyone, but isn’t that what writing’s about? Whisper it, but the proposal package for the novel could actually be sent out this week. That feels… good. And, yes, also baffling. I’m fast running out of excuses not to do it. And that worries me. But if that’s all I’m worrying about, then things can’t be too bad.

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