Chinny Reckon

So, Ashley Cole, your unregistered pay-as-you-go phone just happened to have nude photos of yourself on it. And you just happened to give the phone to a mate of yours, who just happened to give it to another mate. And that mate just happened to send those pictures to a topless model, who just happened to reply with nudey shots of herself, and this just happened to carry on for a number of hours.

And your mates just happened to be staying in the same hotel as you, on the night before an England international. And you just happened to have that pay-as-you-go phone because you were “between phones”.

Anyone else getting “boy who cried wolf” vibes from this? The Sun’s being very careful not to call Cole a filthy rotten liar in the story, but the writer’s clearly not 100% convinced. It’s not as if Cole has form for being a shit or anything, though… oh, wait.

Cole’s also fractured his ankle, meaning that he may well face an uphill battle to get fit before the World Cup. Karma, anyone?

My previous advice to Cheryl remains intact.

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