Write Or Wrong? #1

An occasional series that shows how successful writers can have the most insane contrasts of fortune…

Akiva Goldsman

Write: Winner of the “Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published” Oscar for A Beautiful Mind.

Wrong: Writer of Batman & Robin, which this week “won” Empire magazine’s readers’ poll for Worst Movie Ever.

Goldsman’s screenplay for Batman & Robin was notable not only for the hilariously bad one-liners from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze (“The Iceman cometh!”, “You’re not sending me to the Cooler!”, “Chill out!” etc etc.), but also because his equally execrable Lost In Space screenplay actually contained the very same “enough monkey business” gag, meaning that the future Oscar-winning screenwriter ripped himself off. And it wasn’t even a good joke in the first place!

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