Terry and June

John Terry should resign as England captain. Immediately.

Of course he can still do his talking on the pitch. Of course he will still be a very important part of the England squad in the World Cup. But the time has come where his extra-curricular activities are in danger of sullying the image of English football.

I’m not usually one for recommending the sack for someone just because they made a mistake in their personal life, but the fact is that Terry has run out of lives. The rap sheet against him is pretty disgraceful. Multiple affairs, assaulting a nightclub doorman, public urination, organising dodgy secret tours around Chelsea Football Club for vast amounts of money, engaging in vile drunken behaviour while Americans were weeping in the hotel bar on the day of 9/11… the list goes on and on. His drug dealer father and shoplifting mother don’t help the situation.

It seems that Terry is in the position where he has so much money that he’s plain forgotten basic standards of decency, a situation that’s hardly unique among the moral bankruptcy of modern football. As England captain he’s supposed to be a role model for youngsters, whether he likes it or not, and should represent the values of the England team to the highest standard. Unfortunately, as usual, the FA has abdicated any responsibility (its lack of a moral compass is legendary) and so it’s left to Fabio Capello to decide what to do with Terry. Capello is a stubborn fellow whose first instinct will be to stand by his player, but I suspect that he may well see this latest incident as a step too far.

Terry, of course, says little and has no intention of giving up the England captaincy. Let’s hope that someone, somewhere does the right thing and makes sure that the armband ends up with a player who appreciates the standard of personal behaviour that the honour naturally demands.

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