New Year’s Day

In my day job I work for an accountancy practice, which means that Januaries are horrible. It’s tax returns month. It’s always mega-stressful. Many of my clients are sole traders, and because of that, final accounts have to be completed before their tax returns can be prepared. There can be difficulty in getting all the paperwork in a timely manner (unsurprisingly, some clients want to do anything other than think about paying tax), and when it does arrive, it can be a lot of work in a short space of time. Carrier bags full of receipts are about as welcome as John Terry is at Wayne Bridge’s Fidelity Fraternity.

This January I took on a lot of things – accounts, this blog, rewrites – as I was “ahead” in terms of where I usually am with the tax returns, but in the last week everything came crashing down. I had taken on too much. I badly underestimated just how much of a slog the last major lot of final accounts would be, and after two twelve hour days where I sat at my office PC and hammered in over a thousand different transactions without a break, I really hit the wall and haven’t yet recovered. This blog suffered. My rewrites were nowhere. Bah.

But the tax returns are all over for another year. No, scratch that, they’re all over for the last year. (There’s nothing like being optimistic, right?)

Essentially, 2010 consists of eleven months. January didn’t count in terms of “life”. February is month one, and there’s a lot that I want to do. I’m taking a day off tomorrow to get over my massive tiredness, and hopefully I’ll put it to good use. Just one final push, and everything to do with Certainty (the synopsis works!) is done. At which point I can send it to who it needs to be sent to, and move on to The Highest Concept, the in-my-head-it’s-good new thing.

What I’m saying is that this is the last writing-while-knackered entry for a while. In February – tomorrow – I wake up. Happy New Year, everyone!

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