Blair’s Iraq Inquiry Shame

Today, The Iraq Inquiry faced its equivalent of a typical videogame’s shitty final boss fight, when former Prime Minister Tony Blair slicked his way into the building.

By far the best moment of the showdown was when Blair claimed that, despite the thousands of interviews he’s survived during his long career, a Paxman-esque heavyweight still managed to fluster him into giving a widely reported answer that he didn’t mean at all – namely, that he would have “still” sent Britain to war in Iraq for regime change, even if he had known that no Weapons of Mass Destruction would ever be found in the aftermath. Blair was today happy to clear up that misconception, and reiterate that the threat of WMDs was the reason for invasion.

(Did anyone else react to the backtracking as I did? With a straight face, trying desperately not to break into a knowing smile and then torrents of laughter? All of you? Oh, fair enough.)

But here’s the important bit. Who was the political bruiser who forced the original admission out of Blair, whose doubtless icy, unbroken stare, and incisive, piercing questioning trapped Blair in a corner? Who should be immediately installed as the new host of Newsnight? David Frost, doing an inverse Life On Mars by time-travelling from the 1970s to 2009, maybe? John Humphreys? Perhaps it was “King Of All Our Hearts”, Martin Bashir?

No. It was Fern Britton.

Come in, Chris Morris, your time is up.

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