Holding Pattern

After another twelve hour working day, a bit of Mass Effect 2, and in-laws, I’m afraid that this blog faces a second night without a meaningful update.

Have no fear, however: at some point tomorrow, all tax returns will be finished. At that point, the blog floodgates will again open, and all manner of terrible jokes will be unleashed.

No doubt Friday will be another pisspoor write-off, but Saturday will bring about a new era of posting goodness.

This just in: Mass Effect 2 is GOOD. An astoundingly exciting intro was followed by a game of spot-the-door-opening-animation-that-was-nicked-from, but-not-done-quite-as-well-as, Dead Space, but nonetheless, it’s building up to be something very special. More news soon. For now, extreme bed. Night all.

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