At the beep…

Hello. You have reached the blogmail of Mike Grant. I’m afraid I’m not in at the moment. I’ve been working for 12 hours straight, and need to write a blog post right now about as much as the music charts need Rik Waller. But in the spirit of One A Day, here’s a lovely Youtube video from Mr Charlie Brooker, telling you all about how to make a typical news report for today’s news channels. The level of spotonitude is unbelievable, Brian:

Tomorrow night, if I can drag myself kicking and screaming away from it, there may well be a first impressions article about Mass Effect 2 right here on this hallowed webpage. (Please don’t red-ring, please don’t red-ring, please don’t red-ring…)

Incidentally, does anyone else think that the iPad looks like an 80s brick version of the iPhone?

Er… leave a message after the beep, kthxbye.

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